Messages from President


Running a World Class University


Running a university is to achieve the education mission of “It takes a hundred years to nurture talents”. Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT) has been established for over 26 years and nearly a hundred thousand of excellence are nourished for the society. Armed with two striving goals of “Heading Towards International while Deeply Cultivating Taiwan” is the key to great strides of CYUT. To cope with the development trend of international higher education and structural change of industries of Taiwan, CYUT has devoted all resources to empower these two arms and is expecting to fly high and far.

      To rapidly reaching internationalization, CYUT focuses on (1) constructing a good English-teaching environment by actively and extensively inviting foreign professors to join our teaching team; (2) establishing the College of Aviation on the basis of current 5 Colleges including Science and Engineering, Informatics, Design, Management,  Humanities and Social Science, and annually adding on full English-teaching programs or modules according to course contents; (3) increasing the proportion of overseas students and demonstrating a multi-ethnic culture campus through expanding the enrollment to overseas region or countries; (4) encouraging local students to strengthen their ability in foreign languages meanwhile sponsoring a thousand of them participating overseas exchange study, competition, service, visit and thesis publishing annually; (5) awarding teachers and students to carry out industry-academia collaboration or research on cross-ethnical and cross-cultural international topics.

We welcome the international fair academic organization to conduct performance ranking of universities around the world. In 2020, CYUT has entered the Times Higher Education World University Rankings top 1000+; Asia top 400+; 401-500 in Emerging Economies University; 301-400 in Impact Rankings; top 100 in GreenMetric World University Rankings; as well as top 20 in Taiwan university excellent performance announced by magazine “Cheers”. It is of no doubt that we will climb to World Top 800, Asia Top 200 and Emerging Economies Top 100 by the time we celebrate CYUT 50th Anniversary.

There are two inter-related strategies that CYUT emphasizes when cultivating our home country Taiwan: (1) commit in social responsibility; (2) maintain high quality and sufficient students. The former combines academic strengths and passion of teachers and students in corporate coaching, professional counseling, promotion of community college, aligning regional government in community services or production support. Whereas the latter is accomplished through instructional innovation, self-directed learning, training and literacy enrichment on professional internship and vocational ethics that leads our CYUT graduates becoming the backbone of society and top navigator in their territories. Responding to the socioeconomic development of Taiwan, we also promptly found or modulate departments and even course contents to cope with the technical and manpower demand of industries.

       Today, CYUT would not be content with the present achievement but will keep pursuing the ultimate goal of sustainable development by persevering and pragmatic effort. We have six wide-faced canals that adhere to each other piling up our fruitful results including ensure students’ learning outcome; ensure the quality of teaching and researching; ensure smooth and unhindered administrative support; ensure the prestige of CYUT; ensure recruiting sufficient and talented students; ensure the university funding stable and long-lasting.

       The journey of CYUT is an expression of aesthetics as we nurture talents fill with humbleness and kindness and can always perform faithfully. In the light of social needs, we transform the inherent affection on learning, virtue and piety of human nature into labor performance, productivity and elevation of life. The impact of such dedicated and complete teaching and researching fertilizes the inner life of teachers and students and at the same time expands the energy for all kinds of corporate activities.

       Prospecting our future milestone, CYUT aimed at contributing the Higher Technological and Vocational Education to the borderless global village; investing in  academic research which is directed by production technology of innovative industries and the personalized and quantified development trend; integrating the strengths of information technology research and committing to the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications; creating workplace life model and joyful family values that stress on energy saving, carbon reducing and ecological harmony between individual, group and nature. Particularly echoing the latest and hottest developments of AI, we will focus more on business, production and manufacturing management, biotechnological agriculture, domestic care, daily virtual reality innovation etc. By further deepening technical links and expanding industrial applications, we expect to be able to forecast the world trend and plan ahead.

       While our teachers and students are cheerfully depicting the brilliant vision of CYUT and speeding to “International Campus”, we still look forward to the enlightenment of scholars and intellectuals from around the world and warmly welcome committed youth to pursue their studies at CYUT. We believe this born-in-Taiwan model for education will not only continuously becoming the paradigm of education and as always, its forever-lasting reputation and contribution will for sure persistently strive forward to the university goal that enriches the new hope of mankind.


Tao-ming Cheng, Ph.D.

President of Chaoyang University of Technology